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Trump To Address The Bicameral Congress For The First Time

All the eyes are now focused on what President Donald Trump would say during his speech to the bicameral congress. Some of the proposals of Trump were not welcomed even by the Republicans while some plans were well received by Democrats. It would be extremely difficult for the POTUS to satisfy both the sessions of the congress, despite what he says. It has been a month since the Trump White House was formed, but the President is criticized heavily for his executive orders.

In the upcoming years, Trump has to work with both the chambers of the Congress in order to get anything done. The speech gives an opportunity for Trump to communicate his views to the Congress and it would be a huge task to make the Congress understand what he really wants to accomplish during his presidency.

Trump’s recent budget proposal to increase funding for the military has upset the conservative people in the Congress. Cutting down domestic funding will make it impossible for the other departments to proceed with innovation. Traditional Republicans want to improve military strength, but they are not fond of restraining federal spending. Even the conservative Republicans may not offer their full support to Trump.

Trump’s proposal to spend $1 trillion to strengthen the infrastructure will be welcomed by the Democrats. In January, the Democratic Senators proposed their infrastructure plan hoping that Trump would adopt it. However, after Trump has become the President, the Democrats try in every possible way to hinder his plans.

Trump also has plans to introduce federal help for childcare to reduce the burden on the working population. It will be warmly welcomed by Democrats while the Republicans may not provide as much support. The House Republicans were requested by the White House administration to write off child care in the tax bills. Again, complete support from the Democrats may not be possible with this proposal.

The US-Mexico border wall will face the most opposition from the Congress. Even the House Republicans are not happy with Trump’s plan. Initially, Trump insisted that Mexico would pay for the wall. The Mexican president denied paying anything for the wall. So, Trump has now said that the US will spend $25 billion which will be reimbursed by Mexico later through taxpayer funds. Will Hurd has commented that a wall on the US-Mexico border will be least effective and most expensive in preventing illegal immigration. Conservative hawks are not interested in investing $25 billion for a physical wall that will not serve its purpose.

Another proposal that doesn’t sit right with the Republicans is Trump’s views on Medicare and Social Security. Paul D. Ryan, the House Speaker has a strong opinion that these programs are not beneficial and they drain the resources. However, Trump wants to preserve these programs for the future generations. The complete repeal and replacement of Obamacare make the Republicans nervous because they don’t have a proper replacement plan. The repeal policy could easily kill the coverage for 20 million Americans and it could be politically expensive.

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Trump’s Budget Focuses On Increasing Military Spending While Cutting Non-Defense Departments

The White House announced on Monday that the budget proposal by Donald Trump would focus on increasing military spending by historic numbers. It is speculated that the defense spending will increase by $54 billion while the cuts will be made for non-defense programs to bring in the money. This would increase the defense spending to about $603 billion while the other domestic departments have to face a major lack of cash as the spending is limited to $462 billion.

The Environmental Protection Agency has to deal with about 25% of budget cuts which could be devastating according to EPA officials. The agency will only be able to execute the most basic functions with such a limited budget.

The Office of Management and Budget announced that the cuts have to be faced by federal agencies that execute low priority programs. Duplication will be removed and consolidation will be executed to make the budget cuts possible.

The announced proposal is not final because it is just a blueprint sent to the agencies. The White House will figure out how to incorporate the elements of the blueprint in the final budget, which is expected to be complete in the beginning of May. Apart from EPA, foreign aid department will also experience a major budget cut according to the new plan.

Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget said that the new budget is designed keeping the policies of the president in mind. The 2018 budget also includes funds required to construct the border wall between USA and Mexico. Republican senator John McCain is dissatisfied with the budget as it proposes just a 3% raise from Obama’s budget, which according to the senator is not sufficient to increase defense security.

It is not mandatory for the Congress to proceed with the budget plan from Donald Trump. The Republicans who are unhappy with the proposed budget plan to invite the officials to explain the policy to the Congress. Republicans who criticized funding of IRS by the Obama White House would be happy with the proposed 14% budget cut. Grants that support local development and community banks will also have to face a hard time with the new budget. The Democrats won’t have any mercy in thrashing the new budget that affects American communities and families.

In an attempt to protect the security of the country, Trump’s plan cuts finances for major programs pertaining to the environment, education, poverty, and science. The budget lacks entitlement cuts and it is more likely to be rejected even by the Republicans in the House. Domestic cuts could have serious impacts and the proposed increase in military funding is not balanced.

Trump White House will have a tough time in introducing tax reforms when the proposed blueprint is rejected by the Congress. The budget resolution would allow tax cuts to escape from Democratic filibuster. The domestic discretionary funds are already squeezed enough and Trump’s new proposal challenges the orthodox ways of the Republicans.

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