Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Also Has Smoking Hot Issues

Note 7Note 7The United States Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) has been called into assist with determining what is going on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. As you may or may not be aware most companies just added the Note 7 back to the available lists this past week after receiving their newest shipment of Samsung Galaxies said to have been fixed.

Currently it is appearing as if the main primary issue that enacted the global based recall is continuing to remain. The past few days we have heard of at least six new incidents that have taken place with the replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that customers received after turning in their recalled model.

On October 9, 2016, AT&T and T-Mobile both went public saying they WILL NOT be continuing to issue the recall replacements due to the issues that have been making headlines. They will still honor the recall for either a full refund of the purchase price or any other phone in their inventory. The specifics as to what changing phone types would entail has not been discussed at this time.

The world is currently awaiting the decision from the CPSC to see if there is to be a SECOND globally based recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the same calendar year. The initial recall involved more than one million phones

Primarily the CPSC is needing to discover if the latest headlines are from the replacement line of cellular phones or fun the original release. To do this they are going to need to speak with the customers, review company records and phones if any parts of them are still in reviewable condition.

The beginning of September when the recall was issued there had been no reported injuries being caused by the phones that would burn, smoke, and catch on fire. The same can no longer be said.

A Florida couple is currently involved in an investigation that concerns there Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and there Jeep Grand Cherokee. In this case one can see images of the Jeep in a burst of flames. In this case the Samsung was plugged in and charging on the Jeep’s console when the Jeep burst into flames.

In South Carolina, investigators are trying to discover just what part the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had in a garage that caught fire. The insides now being a torched mess. In this case the fire started on the wall near an electrical outlet that had the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 plugged in and being charged.

In China, Hui Renjie, the 25-year-old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owner was injured by his Samsung along with his MacBook. Along with the damaged MacBook he was injured on two fingers. He had only had his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for twenty-four hours.

Jonathan Strobel, of Florida, has begun a lawsuit against Samsung. This happened after he received second degree burns to his leg as the phone caught fire in his pocket. He then received burns to his hands while retrieving the device from his pocket.

One of the current week’s headlines involved a 13-year-old from Minnesota. In that case we learned of any injury being caused by the burning phone. In this instance Abby received burns to her hand from the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 her father received from Verizon Wireless.

Michael Klering and his wife in Kentucky awoke this week to a hissing sound startling them this past week. Upon opening there eyes they looked over to discover that Michael phone was currently on fire. He had only had his replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for about a week. Later in the day he began feeling very ill and was vomiting “black stuff” so he went to the hospital. Reports indicate that he suffered smoke inhalation as well as acute bronchitis from the incident. In this case the homes alarms were not set off by the devices issue.

Southwest Airlines had to evacuate an entire plane set to depart from the Louisville International Airport due to one of the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 starting to smoke. This issue has led the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to release yet another statement in regards to a Samsung product in the past month. The latest FAA statement asks users of the Note 7 to power down the devices and not to stow them in luggage pieces that are to be checked.

Shawn Minter of VIrginia awoke in the same manner as the previous couple in Kentucky. In Shawn’s case his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement caught fire on his night stand as he slept.

Daniel Franks of Texas had his replacement Galaxy Note 7 catch on fire this past week while it was sitting on the table not being used or charge while the family was eating lunch. This is the fifth known issue with a replacement phone coming to light in the past week alone.

At one point on September 15, 2016 those affected by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were as follows. On that same date reports from the CPSC indicates that only 130,000 of the 1 million delivered had been turned in via the recall. It is important to note that the following numbers are those from the United States alone and have not factored in the numbers from elsewhere.

  • 92 reports of overheating
  • 26 reports of burns
  • 55 reports of property damage

Let’s not forget about the small six-year-old boy from Brooklyn. He was playing with the families Samsung phone. When it exploded he was burned. He was rushed to the hospital. Due to the timing in which the phone exploded it was originally reported to have been caused by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which later turned out to not be the case. In this case it was the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.

The fire from the now second device issued by Samsung, however, was not strong enough to set off any of the alarms in the family’s home. This creates yet another concern users of Samsung must also consider. Three different phone models have now been proven to be defective. The three are listed below.

  • Original Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7

I myself am anxiously awaiting word of some sort to come from Samsung. Now to have at least 5 separate issues with the replacement model of the same phone with no statement has my family on edge. This mixed with the proven issue with another of the Samsung phones, the Galaxy Core Prime, as learned at the burning of a six-year-old child’s expense. How many more people must be hurt, places of business disturbed, or problems to property occur, before the Samsung company takes responsibility?

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